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Carier start: 2015
"Океанами стали" "Пьяное солнце" "Чувствую душой" "Снов осколки" "Держи меня"

ALEKSEEV is a completely new sound in the world of Ukrainian show business.

If you’ve never heard the sound of passion, if you’ve never consciously, but helplessly, drowned in a whirlpool of sound, if you have not fallen from the cliff of madness – immediately take risks, but only with him!

Alekseev’s music is a palette of emotions in millions of pixels that can get you what you so carefully hide even from the farthest corner of your soul.

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ALEKSEEV - Пьяное солнце
ALEKSEEV - Чувствую душой
ALEKSEEV - Снов Осколки